David Phillips,
CEO, TSL – Television Systems Ltd

"TSL has worked with Fraser HR since 2006. Fraser HR provides a part-time external HR resource, which suits TSL for its size of business. Fraser HR has set up a number of successful schemes for TSL, including Graduate and Apprentice Recruitment and in addition managed the introduction of a formal Appraisal process. Fraser HR is flexible in its approach and is available to respond outside the officially contracted time."

Rebecca Platt,
Director – The Teepee Childcare Nursery

"What I found particularly helpful about working with Mary was taking the time to sit and discuss how we operate with someone outside the childcare nursery business.

Mary challenged me on various work practices and decisions and this made me reflect and review some of our current work methods. Her process and questions helped me to create something that is really workable and has made a significant impact on the business: we have recruited better candidates because of her involvement and it has also made the business seem so much more professional to our prospective employees.

I was impressed by the background work Mary did on my industry and her efforts to understand how it works so that she could best help and support me. I would be more than happy to recommend Mary Fraser to other businesses."

Jennifer Molyneux,
Director, Highfield Preserves

"By enlisting the help and expertise of Fraser HR, our company has been able to deal with difficult employment issues in a confident and professional way. The partnership is such that we can call on Fraser HR as and when we need help. For a small business this is cost effective for us"

Richard Clark,
COO, Mitech

"Mitech required to formalise its recruitment and appraisal processes. Mary implemented a professional approach to both, as well as being an independent listening ear"